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Clients' Feedback

Feedback is not only important, yet enjoyable hearing or reading the remarks, whether they are positive or people stating that a particular photograph is not their cup of tea, yet explaining why. These comments do help me improve my style and please continue to let me know what you think.

Louie, London I just went and had a look at the show, it looks fantastic.
Simon Nice website with some very interesting photos.
Jenny and Derek, Essex, UK Thank you so much for leaving our picture... We really love it... I read your letter on the back of the picture. It's dreadful isn't it? One day you are going along quite happily and the next your life has changed forever. I'm glad you're o.k. Please feel free to let us have your info any time and if you are showing somewhere we can get to we will certainly try and be there.
Ian, Nottinghamshire, UK Strong Artwork.
Johanna, Germany Very, very interesting and unique!
Robin and Anne, Essex, UK Great work.
Amii, Norfolk, UK Love the work, very interesting.
Rachael, Norfolk, UK Wow an inspirational statement on your site, it seems that you have had a difficult time of it... It's great to see you have found a way of gaining a postive from a negative in your photography.
Carol, UK Great imagination.
Alex and Sonya, Norfolk, UK Great pictures!
Jimmy, Suffolk, UK Very, interesting and unique!
Anni, UK Magnificent work.

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