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Sudbury to the Sea (S2C)

River Stour Trust organise an annual September weekend S2C, which allows either experienced paddlers or beginners to navigate the River Stour. Those involved have to deal with locks, sluices and of course pubs!

On the respective Saturday it starts at the Granary, Quay Lane, Sudbury, CO10-2AN. To those that aren't sailing the entire 24½ miles in one day, there is a portage at a camping site in Wissington, CO6-4NA, and as the name suggest people can stay overnight. The next day it's off to the Cattawade Picnic Site, CO11-1QW.

Below you'll see links to the corresponding year and which further details will be given:

S2C 2018 | S2C 2019 | S2C 2020

River Stour Trust

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